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                                SURVIVAL INSTRUCTION MODE
Nearly all driver training programs for beginners contain little or no Survival TechniquesWhy? 
Because it takes too long for new drivers to get past the idea of obtaining a drivers license!  They are mentally stuck there, in the basics and intermediate aspects of driving, until they have enough confidence to move on.  Whether they are adults or teenagers, it matters little, as both need survival training. Many adults will take the complete SIM program because they don't have someone to practice with. Teens however, must take the mandated 6 hours of training and 50 hours of practice, even though most of the time they are only focused on passing the drivers test. Please think about this for a moment; a 15 minute test, purposely devoid of complicated intersections, no left turns in heavy traffic, and for sure, no freeway driving.  Yet, when they pass that test, they are legal to drive anywhere at any time, day or night, rain or shine. So then what?  Well, accidents happen, that's what. This is a factor of why new drivers between the ages of 16 & 19, have nearly three times as many fatal accidents as any other age group.    

MY COMPLETE SURVIVAL TRAINING PROGRAM adds 9 hours of Professional Instruction, which in some cases is too much for overloaded students and parents to cope with.


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Of course you are, WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT A LOVED ONE TO BE TRAINED in how to avoid an accident?  Speaking now about teens, here's how it works.  The 50 hours of supervised practice is the key
In so many cases, this is done without much structure or thought. The student and parent jump into the family vehicle and start running errands.  The time piles up and eventually they reach the magic number, but with little or no SURVIVAL TRAINING.  All this can be dramatically changed by simply following my instructional guidelines. You will have complete access to my SURVIVAL INSTRUCTION MODE (SIM) via my website.

The SIM program for everyone, adult or teen, begins with a two hour driving session.  Afterwards, the "assistant" instructor (someone besides myself) will follow the guidelines to insure the student is driving accordingly.  That's it, the SIM only takes one extra  2 hour lesson, and a watchfulness while practicing, until the student becomes a safe and competent defensive driver. 

The very best way is for me to train the student for five additional sessions (totaling 9 hours) in order to learn the complete Defensive Driving program. The cheapest option however, is to add the SIM lesson to the original 6 hours, and let the "assistant" instructor coach the student until it becomes second nature for them.  Then it is only $150.00!

    But the REAL positive here is your student learns to protect themselves from the many bad drivers they will be forced to interact with...   

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